AWS Three-Tier Architecture
In AWS, a three-tier architecture divides an application into presentation, application, and data tiers, with each tier serving a specific function: presentation for user interface, application for business logic, and data for storage. This segmentation facilitates scalability, security, and maintenance by isolating components, enabling independent scaling, and targeted management based on the application's needs.
Building a website with domain Registered on AWS Route53 and hosted on Hostinger

I have registered the domain "" with AWS Route 53, and configured DNS records to point to the IP address(es) provided by Hostinger, where the website "" is hosted. Route53 handles the domain name resolution, directing visitors to Hostinger's web servers that serve the website content.

Cloud Engineer Introduction

A cloud engineer is a specialist in designing, implementing, and managing cloud computing solutions, leveraging platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to optimize business operations through automation, scalability, and security measures.